Blosh is a family business. Our philosophy? Only good stuff that we would be happy to buy for our own home. No exceptions!

We carefully choose quality and good looking products. It doesn’t mean a plate for a hundred dollars – no, thank you. But it doesn’t mean a cup that will lose the print in three months either.

The idea of creating a homewares store came to us many times. But only after our daughter was born we thought about it seriously. Maybe a wind of change? Or maybe just because shopping became even more tiresome and it brought us back to the idea of an internet store with limited but only nice products.

We are passionate about things that will last and will be enjoyed every day. Such details make home unique and full of memories. Because the family meal is the heart of home life we started with goods to adorn dining table. We hope to expand our range in future to cover all the house.


The Blosh blog is devoted to recipes from all over the world and sometimes stories behind them.

We are trying to get the right taste of the place where the dish comes from but we are all for modern cuisine and modern equipment so if you don’t have a pan typical for the beginning of the 18th century in Iceland don’t worry! We will also use only ingredients that are possible to get in New Zealand. No wild yak milk!

Everything will be cooked in our kitchen, tried and tasted 🙂 We aim to understand the cooking process as opposed to approach “my mom always did it like that”. It’s not always easy and sometimes not easy at all but we’ll do our best to get into it and sometimes to try different variations so that we could share this experience with you.