Greek Cuisine

Amygdalota Pastitsia – greek chewy almond cookies

Amygdalota Pastitsia Greek Cookies

Pastitsia is a very quick and easy to make a treat, absolutely delicious and just perfect with coffee! They are slightly crunchy outside, soft inside and chewy. Due to very short cooking time and simplicity of ingredients, it is also one of those amazing rescue remedies for situations like “Oh! I forgot to tell you that Littles will drop in for coffee in half an hour” 🙂

French Cuisine

Croque Monsieur – a French Mousetrap🐭

Croque Monsieur Recipe NZ

An authentic Croque Monsieur is made with Pain de Mie bread, Emmental cheese and boiled ham. But the dish is very forgiving. We have adjusted the Croque Monsieur recipe NZ for New Zealand.

You can use bacon instead of ham and any melting cheese instead of Emmental. It is preferable to use a butter bread – a good quality sandwich bread will do.

Our Croque Monsieur was made with Ciabatta bakery’s protein loaf, Edam cheese and shoulder bacon.


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Colombian Cuisine, South American Cuisine

Colombian Hot Chocolate with Cheese

Colombian Hot Chocolate with Cheese


🇨🇴 Colombia

Have you ever thought about melting cheese… in a hot chocolate drink? One of those cases “OMG! They really do it!” And they really do it. In Colombia. So-called “Chocolate con queso”.

Colombian hot chocolate is made with Colombian bitter chocolate bars and milk using a special pot called Chocolatera and a special wooden whisk – Molinillo. The hot beverage is poured over the cubes of fresh cheese – queso fresco – and served immediately with a spoon to enjoy that melted cheese. It can also be accompanied by a piece of nice fresh bread.

If you don’t have Chocolatera and Molinillo, don’t worry, you’ll be fine with any stove-suitable pot and an ordinary whisk.

French Cuisine

Tarte Tatin with shortcrust pastry

Tarte Tatin with shortcrust pastry
Centre Val de Loire France
🇫🇷 France, Val de Loire

To spoil a cake and still serve it? Not many restaurants will risk their reputation like that nowadays as we are living in the era of internet reviews. But at the end of the 19th century, one could allow himself to be more greedy adventurous.

The legend tells us that one day Stéphanie Tatin burnt the apples for a traditional apple pie. She and her sister owned a hotel with a restaurant not far from Paris and Stéphanie was doing the cooking. For an unknown reason, she didn’t throw the apples away but covered them with the dough, put into the oven for some time and then just turned the dessert upside down. Bon Appétit! The accidentally created dish became known as Tarte Tatin.