Luminarc. Feel Creative.Luminarc (aka Arcopal) dinnerware is colourful and adorable. A nice replacement for boring white dinnerware. Express yourself with different styles and prints to choose from!

We aim for something unusual, bright and stylish. Therefore #NoWhiteDinnerware! Only colourful dishes that help to make everyday meals feel special.

Luminarc Flowerly πŸ’

Poppy Fantasy. Elegant scalloped edges and warmly coloured flowers reminding of impressionist’s poppy fields. Feels classic and modern at the same time.

Luminarc Bulla 🌊

Dive into the sea! The colours of the Bulla collection reflect the sea with dark blue dinner plates and turquoise bowls, soup and dessert plates. Transparent dots on the lips remind of bubbles of sea foam.

Luminarc Stonemania

Zen! Looks like ceramics but lightweight, extra resistant and has all other benefits of tempered glass. Vibrant pistachio green colour.

Luminarc Mistigri 🐈

Must have for all cat lovers! A funny black cat with the longest whiskers ever and amazing curious eyes – lovely company for any meal 😺

The collection consists of an elegant cup, a mug with a large comfy handle, a jumbo cup and a multi-purpose bowl.

Ideal kids set.

Luminarc Harena Black 🐯

Show your exotic nature! A modern glossy black color and a lively design inspired by the rings of a circus, with tiered seats on the lip. Feels very solid on the table and very light in hand.

Luminarc Eclisse 🐚

Feel the breeze! Egyptian motif in Art Deco style. The transparent papyrus flowers are symmetrically arrayed on the lips of the opaque glass plates. The colours of the Eclisse collection reflect the ocean with blue-green dinner plates in combination with white soup and dessert plates.

Luminarc Sweet Impression 🌹

For the most romantic moments of the day. Modern floral print. Contemporary colours. Delicately shaped flowers. Romantic and sweet.

Luminarc Friselis 🐝

Dream of spring! Friselis is inspired by Art Deco geometry. Fine lines are designed to look like stylised feathers lying on top of one another.

Luminarc Amely πŸƒ

For your organic meals. Springlike colours and cozy design. Green leaves are blown on a breeze depicted by curves in the background. Classic shapes with decorated lips.

All Luminarc Collections

  • πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Made in France. Since 1948.
  • Luminarc dinnerware is made out of the highest quality tempered glass, thus is 100% hygienic and food safe.
  • Lightweight. Tired of heavy ceramic plates?
  • Hard to break. Even if it happens, it will shatter in small pieces so nobody will hurt themselves.
  • Can go straight from the freezer or fridge to the microwave without any risk.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.


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