Rockingham coffee cups

Rockingham coffee cups

Espresso in formal grey for busy Monday morning or a big yellow cup of latte with cinnamon for Saturday afternoon? Or maybe just hot milk with honey and nutmeg in a chocolate brown latte cup to unwind after a hard day? Whatever you prefer, Rockingham bright and colourful coffee cups will help to set the right mood.

Coffee cups Rockingham brown latte green espresso yellow long black

Rockingham coffeeware is absolutely charming with coloured glossy exterior and white interior. Constructed of fully vitrified, high-fired commercial grade porcelain it is also highly durable. The cups feature super convenient easy grip handles. The stoneware provides insulation to the beverage, meaning that your coffee (oh, sorry, was it honeymilk?) will stay hot for longer.

Manarolla Riomaggiore La Specia Liguria northern Italy

The Rockingham brand was encouraged by the famous English porcelain factory of the same name. The coffee cups were designed by the Andrew Hawley team in Wellington, New Zealand. Italian inspired they are available in a range of colours – clean, bright, rich! Associated with the Cinque Terre – Manarola, Riomaggiore – they remind of fresh sea breeze and shine of Italian Riviera.

Rockingham coffee cups look fantastic in sets and in different combinations of shapes and colours. Grey and orange pair of flat whites? Why not? Yellow espresso for him and green latte for her? Nice!

Sky Blue – high sky in a sunny weather. Very good with Chocolate, Orange, Red or Yellow.
Yellow – lemon colour. Nice with Chocolate, Grey, Red, Blue or Lime Green.
Orange – NZ orange. Try with Grey, Blue or Lime Green.
Grey – a cool dark grey like the storm clouds. Orange, Pink, Red or Yellow would be ideal counterparts.
Lime Green – a bit more green and less yellow than a lime. It will look well with Chocolate, Orange, Pink or Yellow.
Chocolate – if you have ever seen melted dark chocolate – that’s it. Couple with Mint, Blue, Green and Yellow.
Mint – classic cafe cups mint.You can supplement it with Chocolate and Pink.
Pink – pastel pink. Awesome with Grey, Mint or Green.
Red – like Ferrari but a bit darker. Combine with Grey, Blue or Yellow.

Beautiful, durable, microwave and dishwasher safe Rockingham coffeeware is ideal for everyday use as well as for special occasions.

Rockingham coffee cups red green orange yellow

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